Civil Engineering


Head of Department
Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Shah
(Assistant Professor)

Civil Engineering is the father of all engineering disciplines with centuries of accumulated knowledge and skills. We provide consultancy services to the field agencies both government as well as public sector. We offer 4 year course in Civil Engineering with intake capacity of 60+3 candidates. The admission process is through JKCET held by BOPEE. The department aims to provide students with scientific, technical background and development of civil constructions. We invite students to study civil engineering to become out standing engineers and researchers to serve the nation in particular and the global society in general for sustainable development. 


Faculty Civil Engineering

Name Designation Qualification Email Mobile
Dr. Nadeem Gulzar Shahmir Lecturer M.Tech, PhD 9419019294
Dr. Wajahat Annayat Lecturer M.Tech, PhD, GATE 9682534233
Ms. Safeena Nazeer Lecturer M.Tech, GATE 7051417393
Ms. Farhat Un Nisa Lecturer M.Tech 7006430424
Dr. Jasir Mushtaq Kaloo Lecturer, PhD 7006971017
Dr. Peerzada Danish Lecturer, PhD 7006074616


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