Head of Department
Er. Safina Al Nisa
(Associate Professor)

The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering came into existence in 2017, by the approval of AICTE and offers 4-year B.Tech programme in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The department was established in order to meet the growing requirement of practical design engineers in the state, country and abroad. Since its commencement, the primary objective of the department has been to impart quality education, training and research at the undergraduate level in various areas of Electronics, Electrical and Communication Engineering with broad emphasis on design aspects of Electrical and Electronic Systems to produce Engineers, Scientists and Technologists of highest caliber.

The mission of the founding fathers of this great institution serves as a beacon light for all the stakeholders, and inspires in making this department as one the best in this institution of basic learning and in providing cutting edge learning experience, internationally bench-marked education, intellectual freedom and critical research opportunities in frontier areas of contemporary concern.


Faculty Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Er. Safeena Al NisaAssociate Professor & HoDM.Techsafeena.alnisa@gmail.com9419108357
Mr.Nimra HabibLecturerM.Technimmerhabib@yahoo.com9018960168
Ms. Munazah LyleLecturerM.TechMunazahlyle@gmail.com9682315967
Mr. Manzoor Ahmad WagayLecturerM.Techwagaymanzoor449@gmail.com9596150966


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